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Russia possibly will suspend TIR Carnets

The Baltic Course magazine reported recently on changes to the International Transit System's (TIR) protocol in Russia that will be implemented from 14th August 2013. The Baltic Course wrote: "According to those operating in the road transportation sector in Latvia, the changes could threaten the shipment of cargo into Russia, informs LETA/ 5

''There is no alternative, if the TIR is suspended in Russia, there will be a complete halt of cargo shipments into Russia,'' Latvian international truckers association Latvijas Auto President Valdis Trezins said.

The Russian Customs Service explains in its statement that all transportation vehicles that carry out transit shipments under TIR carnets, will from August 15 be able to do so in the territory of the Russian Federation in the presence of a customs convoy. Furthermore, all customs duties must be paid in full beforehand.

Such a decision has been made, because the Russian Association of International Road Carriers, which issues TIR carnets in Russia, have not paid customs duties in accordance with the TIR Convention. As of June 1, 2013, the total sum of TIR procedural violations has reached RUB 20 billion (LVL 329.54 million), according to the announcement by the Russian Federal Customs Service. ''The consequences will be most felt by Russian businesses and manufacturers. I hope that a solution to this problem will be found, as there is no alternative to the TIR system. Furthermore, without TIR carnets, Russian transportation vehicles will also not be able to enter the European Union,'' Trezins explained.”

Freight forwarding and Transport trade associations have contacted national governments and the Commission to voice their concerns about the negative impact that this will have on trade.

(With thanks to CLECAT for the information on which this is based)


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